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Membership Packages 
ONE MONTH - $25.00
THREE MONTHS - $69.00 
SIX MONTHS - $129.00
ONE YEAR - $199.00

Get in shape using various forms of latin dance with our Zumba Fitness with our certified instructor . Whether you are a beginner or more advanced the instructor shows various intensity levels allowing the participants to workout at their personal level. While learning dance moves student will increase endurance, burn fat, and get into better cardiovascular shape.
PiYo is  an unique fusion of Pilates, Yoga, and elements of dance. PiYo class is designed to build strength and gain flexibility, accompanied by relaxing sacred music. 
Boot Camp
Available on Saturdays only. 
This yoga class is for focus on healing and therapy. Relieve your pain and tension. This class includes therapeutic Yoga poses, 5 elements Qigoing, meditation, Reki healing.